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MaddyEven if you are still sixty “minus” a year or two, please feel free to join us at Maddy at Home, your home from home on the internet, where we will be commenting, reviewing, venting, whingeing, remarking and generally yacking on about life after sixty. Like many of you, I never believed I would get here, especially not so quickly. But here I am . . . In the coming weeks and years, we will discuss the many changes that have taken place over the course of our lives, how we have dealt with them and how we expect to benefit from changes that may happen in the future. We will also meet other retirees from around the world who will be our guests from time to time. Visit my Blog HERE.

Friends online

I hope you will sign up and join our group of friends. Our chat will be liberally interspersed with humour, positive thinking and strategies for becoming more successful at this “living” business. You’d think we would have got the hang of it by now, but we always seem to need a little bit of help, especially now we are growing older.

Making life easier

We hope to bring you some ideas that will help you plan for your life ahead if you find yourself having to slow down a little bit, and to make your life more enjoyable no matter what disabilities, ailments or troubles you may be dealing with. It’s all about coping with change and making life easier for yourself, which will enable you to maintain your connections and stay independent for as long as possible. Try my Friday’s in the future series of posts which take a look at some of the latest developments that might benefit us as we get older.

“Old age is not for sissies” – these guys are the survivors!

I did find some other great Senior blogs along my way which I highly recommend, and you can find them on the Friends page.

If you’re feeling a little bit nostalgic for times gone by, take a trip through memory lane with my Memories category.

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And of course don’t forget about your health – plenty of info and links to resources, but do please note – no medical advice, I am not a doctor. Please make sure you see your doctor if you have any of the symptoms mentioned in the info-graphics or linked blogs.

Help is at hand

There is a world of discovery on the Resources page. There you will find links to some other very useful websites.  I am still developing these resources, so if you know of a good website that would be helpful to other subscribers, please visit my  Contact Me tab and let me know about it.

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