These Blogger friends are over 60 years young


Ronni – Time Goes By

A long-time and popular blogger, Ronni is a former NY resident and an expert on aging,

Bernadette – Haddon Musings

Join our great group of Senior Friends at Bernadette’s Senior Salon, every Wednesday.

Bruce Cooper – The Daily Blog

What is assisted living really like?

Penny – The Frugal Fashion Shopper

Living in the UK, Penny is very skilled at picking out the most stylish bargains from the Charity shops.

Caree Risover – A Retirement Blog

My longest online blogger friend, Caree and I are level pegging in the retirement and blogging stakes at nearly 2 years in.  Caree lives in the North UK and her posts about her travels are always interesting, with great photos.

Pradip Chowdhury – Photoshopper

A retired widower who lives in Kolkata and has taken some awesome photos, Pradip is a photo-shop expert and has the honour of being my first guest poster.

Royce Shook – Canada’s Sonic Boomer  – Boomersnotsenior

Winner of Canadian awards for his blogs, Royce knows a thing or two about retirement and finances.

Latane Barton – Living life on Main Street

Born in the 1930s, Latane was married for sixty years and has a large family. Her husband was in the Navy. She is very active and has even written a book!

Sue & Vic – Retirement with No Problem

One of my favorite blogs – don’t miss it if you like messing about in boats, in this instance a barge. Sue and Vic are very good at keeping this blog right up to date so you can follow them day by day.

Catherine – Atypical 60

She will always make you laugh, except when she makes you cry . . .Catherine is Fun!

Bill & Debbie Lees – The TumbeLees

Join these full time RVers on their travels around the USA

Anne Price – Snowbird of paradise

An English lady writes about living in Alberta and California, and about this and that. Because she is a good writer, Anne makes “this and that” greatly interesting!

Franci – Brew ‘N Spew

Having cared for her mother, lived alone, and been married four times, Franci has more experience than most of us. She is grateful that through it all she has been able to remain self-sufficient.


Paul – Memory Issues

His positive take on caring for his  wife Maureen will encourage all those caring for someone living with dementia.

In Transition to Retirement

Patricia Doyle – Retirement Transition

Follow along with Patricia as she explores her options since she took an early retirement.

Peggy Guiler – Spilt Milk

A trainer, consultant and speaker at River of Hope Foundation. Sometimes a school bus driver. Lately a bit of a tourist who has had to take a break from blogging. But she will be back!

Cathy Lynn Brooks – Not my story to tell

A Canadian author – Cathy sadly lost her daughter in a car accident and has written a book about her.

Absent Friends

Born in 1913, Letty Evans lived 101 years

Her daughter Ann Griffin  shares some of Letty’s wisdom with us . . .

Born in 1887, Harry Lamin WW1 Experiences of an English Soldier

Letters from the trenches – History as it happened

Some younger Blogging friends


Tim Clark – Life Explained – I recommend a daily dose – it will help you understand life . . .

Jackie Dinnis – Meeting my Family – mostly the ancestors.

Debz – Lemonpath – Debz has a flair for beautiful design

Whitney was Renovating at OPRF  but seems to have become a fashionista!

Dr Meg – is a published writer

Anand – Absolute

Our spirtual guide . . .

UK SightSavers  – Give the gift of sight (UK, & USA, Italy, Sweden, Norway, India or UAE)

The Foundation Fighting Blindness – Canada

Fred Hollows Foundation – Give the gift of sight (Australia Only)


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