11 Mother’s Day gift suggestions suitable for the hospital

11 Mother’s Day gift suggestions suitable for the hospital

Just because Mum’s been sick and has to stay in the hospital, it doesn’t mean that she needs to reflect the clinical ambience in her appearance, or that she’ll miss out on Mother’s Day celebrations.

Take Mother’s day to Mum!

You can get these gifts delivered to your door or sent straight to the hospital if you can’t visit.

If you can visit, add to the celebration by brightening up her surroundings with a pretty pillowcase, or a homely shawl and a handwritten card.

Take some hand cream and a manicure set so that you can give Mum a manicure or a simple hand massage. If she is up to it she may even like a facial.

Here are some practical gift suggestions that will help Mum get through until she can go home.



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Nightwear for Mother's Day


1. Adaptive Hospital Gowns

Often when Mum gets admitted, she’s in no way ready for a hospital visit. Maybe she had a sudden fall or an unexpected heart attack.

She may have had quite a shock. And the nightwear she brought with her may have seen better days.

What better way to help her recover her spirits than a fresh and pretty adaptive gown suited to the needs of the hospital environment.

These are a cotton blend, making them easy to wash as well as comfortable.

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bedjacket for Mother's Day


2. Women’s Bed Jacket Cape

Let’s face it. Hospitals can get a little bit chilly,

Especially if you are confined to bed and unable to move about.

This cozy cape will keep Mum warm and it’s easy to put on and take off when the doctor comes around.

Choose from four different colors. One size fits all, so you can’t go wrong with this gift!

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Hospital Socks for Mother's Day


3. Non-slip socks

Easier to put on than slippers or shoes, especially if Mum has issues with her legs or feet, these socks are ideal for the hospital.

The soles allow for a good grip on shiny floors so they help to prevent falls.

They will also be helpful to any carer that Mum may need when she goes home.

Choose from eight different colors, or get them all!

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Mother's Day Gift

4. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

This stunning perfume is a best seller and ideal for the older woman.

Transport mum away from that hospital ward to the Mediterranean with this casual and breezy fragrance. Its fruity-floral tones evoke the spirit of summer and are guaranteed to lift Mum’s spirits and help her to relax.

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5. Gourmet Sweet Basket

If her health allows, this is the ultimate treat for Mum!

And she deserves it because however good the caterer, hospital food is always hospital food. . .

You can get this at the last minute – Fedex will deliver the next day  (Tue – Fri.)

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6. Bonsai Azalia 8″

If Mum’s fond of plants she will love this little baby.

Small enough to fit on the nightstand or on a nearby window sill it will brighten up any ward.

Again you can get it by Fedex next day delivery (Tue – Fri.)

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Mother's Day tote

7. Crochet Project

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to pass the time when you are in hospital.

If Mum’s keen on crafts, though, this kit will keep her occupied.

The downloadable pattern is an easy one and she will be able to use the shawl to brighten up her bed when it is complete.

Add the little desktop tote so that she can keep it all nice and tidy.

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8. Cake-pops 

Making cake-pops is a labor of love. If you haven’t made them before watch this video from Craftsy. It seems like a lot of fun!

They look fabulously festive, taste yummy and being bite-sized they will be easy for everyone to eat in the ward.

Be sure to plan ahead to check you have everything you need.

If you have the love but you don’t have the time, you can get next-day delivery (Tue – Fri) from FlowersFast.


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9. Corey Medical ID Bracelet

I’m loving this bracelet from Lauren’s Hope.

I would wear it even if I didn’t need the medical tag!

With the knowledge that no matter what, her condition will be recognized by medical staff in an emergency, Mum will have that added sense of security she’ll need when she is discharged,

They’ll even engrave the medical information on the tag for you if required.

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10. Adjustable Purple Elegant Engraved Cane

Will Mum want a cane to help her walk when she gets up and about?

Well no, she won’t want one. Nobody wants a walking stick because they make us look like old people.

But if she has to have a cane, why not have one that’s fun and says something about her as a person?

I love the spots on this one, but take a look at the wide variety available at  to suit any personality!

You can find something to go with any of Mum’s outfits.

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11. Tickets to her favorite show

Nothing speeds recovery like a positive attitude and something to look forward to.

Click the Cities tab to check out the shows in your area that Mum might love to see when she is on the mend.

Or give a Mother’s Day gift voucher and you can let her choose herself. Join the club to get $25 off your next purchase.

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This post includes affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you buy from one of the links.

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