Guest posters wanted

Guest posters wanted

Right now I am looking for guest posters who can send in a post by Saturday 17th September 2016. I will publish a series of posts for the International Day of Older Persons on Saturday October 1st.

The topic for this year’s International Day for Older Persons is:

Take a Stand Against Ageism

I will be very happy to receive guest posts from elderly people 60 plus, around the world. Anyone can send in their story for them via email. It can be a video, audio or written post.  Posts from younger people about someone they know who is older – a friend, relative, or mentor, are acceptable too.


These guidelines are needed to satisfy Search Engine Optimization, Readability requirements and blog design for Guest Posts.

  • Your post must not have been published on the internet before. 
  • It must be between 1000 and 3000 words long.
  • I need you to attach at least one relevant photo or picture with your post.
  • If you source your pictures from the internet, please provide attribution where required.
  • Posts must include a short biography of the writer with a profile photo, picture or avatar.
  • The bio may include a link to a Social media page, website or blog.
  • I will edit submitted posts for grammar, Search Engine Optimization, readability and comprehension. 
  • I will email you a final draft for approval before publication.
  • Please use the form below to send in your International Day of Older Persons post.
  • The deadline for International Day o Older Persons is Saturday 17th September 2016.
  • Please scroll down if you would like to take part but can’t make the deadline.

Blogger link-up

If you are a blogger and have a post about the life of elderly people in general or one individual old person in your country, please send me a link to your existing post using the form above. The subject of your post can be Ageism or it can be something else to do with older people. I will write a “round-up” post which all the contributing bloggers can share. Then I will share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, WordPress and StumbleUpon.

If you are on Social Media, note that the Hashtag for International Day of Older Persons is #UNIDOP or #UNIDOP2016 and NOT #IDOP which is for international Day of Prayer. 

If you cannot make the deadline for the International Day of Older Persons, please send in your guest post or link for inclusion in my new website (details below) after it launches.

Aged Help Website to be launched soon.

The concept for my new aged help website is that of a place where elderly people from around the world, or their family members and care-givers, can find useful information, tips and support to help them as they age. Language on the information pages will be simple so that they will translate well using Google translate. 

At the same time, the site will give an opportunity to senior citizens of wealthier nations to help elderly people in poorer ones. Customers will buy suitable gifts for their elderly loved ones through affiliate links on the website.  Any commission that I receive from the affiliates will help to keep the aged help website online. Costs associated with the site include paid subscriptions, hosting, search engine optimization, technical advice, social media etc. I am no technical expert so I will need this help.

A blog for care-givers and their loved ones

The purpose of the blog is to give care-givers and the elderly a place to discuss their concerns about aging and help them make decisions about the best course of action in their own circumstances. Another aim of the blog is to tell wealthier seniors about the lives of older people in poorer countries. It will be interesting to Western customers because it will offer them something different from the usual advertising and glamorous lifestyles that they read about on the internet. 

Many western internet users want to help people who are less well off than themselves. Unfortunately, though, requests for donations often flood their mail and media. This can be overwhelming. There is also a perception that most donations go to pay administrative staff and managers. That the people who really need the funds may not get them. By purchasing from my site, customers can know they are helping in a small way simply by buying something. They can give more to helping restore sight to poor people if they want to.

Practical help and support

What can a son, daughter or friend do to help the elderly in a country where aged care resources are limited or non-existent?  It’s a difficult question for many who struggle just to survive. More importantly, what can aging people do to help themselves? The aged help site will give them general information, tips and support, with links to other more specialized sites that can offer them more detailed solutions. 

I am also looking for Guest posters for in 2017.  

You do not have to be a blogger or even an “internet ready” person to be my guest. If you know someone who doesn’t “do email”, ask them if they would like to tell their story here. You can send me a scan or an email on their behalf. Please read the guidelines above before submitting your post.

You are welcome to choose your own subject, however here are some topic suggestions that might inspire you.

  • How to be old
  • Awesome advice from a grandmother/father.
  • Suddenly Solo
  • Only the Lonely – who me?
  • I’ll never do that again.
  • What your carer will never tell you.
  • My late life obsession or My greatest passion. (golf, football, my workshop, the shed, diy, gardening, gym, quilting, knitting, crocheting, baking,   etc)

Please send feedback!

I would love to hear from you if  you have any feedback about a post you have read. Perhaps you have a suggestion for improving this website that you don’t want to be visible in the comments.

I will start Maddy’s blog again when my Age Help website is up and running.



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