Your Health

Your HealthBe as healthy as you can be!

Be sure to look after yourself by:

  • watching how much you exercise
  • eating a healthy diet
  • keeping your mind active
  • staying interested in life
  • getting out and about and socializing


The links you will find under this heading address the most common ailments and diseases that could steal away your mobility, dexterity and mental agility as you age. Some degree of loss of hearing, sight, taste or smell may considerably reduce your quality of life and slow you down. Here you will find links to resources that can help you keep up with the latest developments – research, treatments, aids, gadgets and gizmos, for a little bit of an easier life, whatever ails you. You will even find links to some support from others online who may be travelling a similar road to yours.

You should never do for someone else what they can do for themselves, because it prevents them from remaining independent and responsible for themselves. So I’m not going to bombard you with unwanted advice. Have a look around and see if you can find something that you might want to know more about.

Always consult a doctor for your own personal health issues. This site provides general information only. Links to other sites are for general information only.


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