Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Age related hearing loss

As we age it is common to experience some hearing loss. Our hearing is important, but we often take it for granted until we experience some hearing loss. It is even possible that we haven’t noticed that our hearing is not what it used to be. The following activities may become more difficult as our hearing deteriorates:

  • Having a telephone conversation
  • Participating in group discussions
  • Attending social events, family celebrations.
  • Understanding what another person is saying
  • Being aware of traffic, hazards
  • Answering the doorbell
  • Noticing a text or a ringtone on our phone
  • Hearing the TV and radio

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The idea of a hearing aid is something that many of us don’t like. OK, I’ll go first. I admit it – I don’t like it. More than spectacles or false teeth, the hearing aid marks us as old, and possibly difficult. It’s just another gadget to keep track of and maintain. It’ll be a nuisance. But before rejecting the idea of getting a hearing aid, we should consider the consequences of putting up with hearing loss and soldiering on.

Loss of hearing can have some serious consequences. It may lead to social isolation, depression, fatigue or irritability, and memory impairment. So it is important to address the problem as soon as you become aware of it. Deafness can also mean that you are less safe, for example you may not be able to hear a tap leaking, a pot boiling over or a window breaking. it could affect your employment and social situation too. 90% of people experiencing hearing loss can be helped by a hearing aid.

Have a look around at the young people you see when you are out and about. Mots of them have earpieces of one kind or another and have effectively rendered themselves deaf to their surroundings. So disguising a hearing aid should be a piece of cake. If that doesn’t work for you, keep up to date by visiting here because totally invisible hearing aids are currently being developed.

The history and future of hearing aidsInfographic by Amplifon

The Gift of Hearing

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Electric Acoustic Stimulation – By Zipfer (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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