Tinnitus affects the over 55’s

The word “tinnitus” comes from the Latin meaning “tinkling”.

Did you ever pick up a shell when you were a child, and put it up to your ear to see whether you could hear the sound of the sea?

That is something like the sound I am hearing when I’m sitting quietly at home and there is no other noise around me. Is it just the sound of silence? Or am I suffering from Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can appear in the form of a rushing, a whistling, a humming or a ringing in the ears. I imagine the loudness of the sounds and the degree to which they obliterate other sounds could affect the quality of life of anyone living with tinnitus. The news that treatment is rarely successful could certainly tip one over into depression.

The majority of sufferers are over 55, but many young people have experienced it too.For the young, the tinnitus might fade away a day or two after that loud concert. They should be aware, though, that loud noise can permanently damage their hearing.

What can you do to relieve your tinnitus?

I will definitely be getting my hearing checked, because whilst I don’t deny that I have seen a few nightclubs with excessively loud music in my time, I do not fall into the high-risk category of airline pilots or soldiers who have been exposed to long and constant loud noise. Prevention is better than cure so always use protection when exposed to loud noises.

It is definitely worth seeing your doctor if you have it. The cause may be treatable. Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease in itself. And it can be caused by certain medications or other diseases such as Meniere’s disease.

The sounds in my ears are just a little bit annoying rather than distressing. My first line of defense is to add some sound, such as music at a low volume. I find that when I am out and about and busy, I don’t notice it as much, if at all.

I sympathize with anyone who suffers from more chronic and distracting tinnitus. A constant ringing or humming must be enervating and annoying.  For that minority, the ability to lead a normal life is diminished. There may be appliances that they can buy to relieve the symptoms, such as specialized hearing aids or white noise machines. Dietary supplements such as Ginkgo Balboa may or may not help.

What Is Tinnitus and How Do You Treat It?

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