Let’s Dance!

Let’s Dance!

Dancing for seniors

You may not be too keen on the gym. Maybe you’re not a great walker either, preferring to drive everywhere. Or perhaps you can’t get out of the house. And that is perfectly OK. Because the best exercise is dancing. And it’s much more fun!

So If you can’t get out, join us here online, but please make sure you don’t overdo it! If you don’t have much mobility you might need to hold onto the back of a chair, or you could sit in it and just use your arms or your head. Rest assured that moving to the music at your own pace will do you the world of good.

Line Dancing

Get sociable!

Flash Mob!

Staying Alive


Put your hat on and join in..


Hip Hop

Surprise the grandkids!

But please don’t try the splits at home, I can’t help you if you damage something!

Ole! Spanish flamenco

Don’t you love her dress?

And yes, I do expect the men to join in at the appropriate time!

Exotic Belly Dancing

(Anyone can do it!)

Once you get through the learning stage, the whole dance is performed with the music before the end of the video.