Well of course I knew you weren’t going to be able to resist having a peek in here to see what I am up to.  This is where I keep my private notes about my Website learning and in the future I hope to be able to provide some advice for those who might need it. I also spy on my visitors – only joking, I don’t really, only to see where they are coming from….

May 2015 Update

Wouldn’t you know it, just as soon as I uttered “I think I have the hang of Google Circles”, they have gone and removed circle sharing.  Just my luck lol… Not to worry, I have moved on, to Twitter and even Facebook and Pinterest. Next thing you know I’ll be joining those more cerebral sites like Reddit and Mashable. Today I have joined the International Bloggers Association.  I have a few posts in the works so that I can try and make my posting a bit more regular. Skype have made some changes so I’m not sure if my button is working or even appearing so that’s another thing that needs checking.

I have also been venturing into the world of photography so you will be seeing some of my very own masterpieces quite soon.

I’m having a good time getting to know some other bloggers. I’ve commented on a few blogs and some have been kind enough to leave a comment on mine which is very encouraging.  Problem is I am having such a good time socializing and engaging that I am finding it difficult to get back to actually completing a post.

When it comes to WordPress, I think I deserve a full license now, being familiar with all the gears, err I mean plug-ins, and Widgets, which by and large are behaving themselves.  I am getting a few more visitors now so I need to be on my best behavior.  I still don’t like this american spelling, can I say behaviour?  Wordpress doesn’t like it, it is giving me a wiggly red line. Eventually I will have to conform.

March 2015 Update

I have been blogging now for eight weeks and it certainly has been a learning curve.  I deserve my P plate license for bloggers now.

I think I have the hang of Google circles, Google +,  Google community and Twitter, and I have even managed to load a video .  My widgets seem to have settled down and Skype seems to work as well, but now I am having trouble with text links.    The lure of Facebook is still something of a mystery to me but I am persevering with it.

The American style of spelling that WordPress seems to like is still an irritation to my British self but  I am succumbing to it.  It’s a good lesson to learn that whatever road you choose, half the world will probably think you are wrong. And its OK to be wrong.

The next goal is to get people to actually visit my site which of course is the hardest part of blogging. I seem to be up to scratch with the Search Engine Optimization and now I need to get some good links. Feel free to email me if you would like me to include a link to your blog or website on my site.

January 2015 Update

It’s no secret that I am a complete novice when it comes to building websites, writing blogs and generally putting myself out there on the Internet. But I am learning, so for Novice, please read Noobie.

I hope you will bear with me as I develop my skills. So on Friday 23rd January 2015, I purchased some software which I believe is supposed to be pretty much idiot proof. Over the week-end I wrote some of the text and learned to find and paste in some products and videos that I think you may be interested in.

Last week I learned how to change the font color and size to make it more readable.

I don’t usually give out personal information, but I do feel the need to share (well you did barge in here uninvited lol) that I am having a little bit of trouble with my widgets. I have also realized that I have taken quite the wrong approach to the whole blog. Oh well, you live & learn….

I have now managed to install WordPress and start my Blog.  Right now I feel as though I should be wearing L plates.  I am being corrected on my silly English spelling and it is quite challenge for me to write “color”, I mean, it just doesn’t look right.  I am sure I will get used to it all in time.

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