Does Sparkey Love Christmas?


Did you say “Yes”?

Then you are right.


Yes, I do love Christmas!

Christmas shoppingAnd it’s that time of year again. Everyone seems to be very busy, don’t they?

Some of us dogs even feel a bit neglected if our walks are cut short when the weather gets too cold. Or in my case, too hot.

Before Christmas we often get left out. We  are not usually allowed into the shops where all the sounds, smells and lights of Christmas are concentrated.


A Big Thank You to our Working Dogs

Christmas Service Dogs
By Antonio Cruz/Abr, via Wikimedia Commons

The guide dogs and service dogs, who we respect greatly, are of course allowed in the shops to do their jobs.

But they are not allowed to get excited.


Not like we do!

Will you join me in taking this opportunity to thank them for all their patience, hard work and support over the past year? If you wish to support them this Christmas CLICK HERE.


What’s going on?

Christmas cooking
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash
Christmas shopping
Photo by on Unsplash

My sense of smell tells me that all this cooking that’s suddenly happening, and all these extra bags of shopping appearing, must mean something interesting is afoot.

Haven’t found any meat yet, but I’m still sniffing around and hoping.



Whatever our breed, training or calling in this dog’s life, we all wait for Santa’s coming with eager anticipation.

Waiting for Christmas

I’ve already found a present for my Mum, so what with the slack walking schedule and everything, I am quite happy to settle in and dream about what Santa might bring me. I just hope that he won’t Forget About the Dogs.

This jingle bells Christmas collar is what I have on order to make sure I don’t get overlooked.

Jingle Bells Leather Dog Collar for Christmas

Just can’t wait to get it! I think it will go well with my Santa hat.


Santa at Christmas

And Santa. Well – he wouldn’t forget about the dogs, would he?

But to make sure, I thought I would show you my Christmas List.

Could you please help to make sure that Santa gets it? He lives at the North Pole, if you didn’t already know. And if you have time to call him for me, the number is 951 262 3062.

It looks like he’s using a smartphone so I will put the links under my letter to make it easier for him.


Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa for Christmas

This post includes affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you buy from one of the links.

My Christmas List

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Dog Harness


Any one of these harnesses would be nice. (All of them would be even better.)   Sleepypod clickit-sport-dog-harness



For my more sophisticated engagements, I think an Italian designer look would suit me. How about a Soft italian leather dog-collar? Love the green, but if you got me the brown as well you could get 10% off!


Cooling Dog Bandana


I don’t like dressing up, but I might look cute in a bandanna – it gets hot here in Australia at Christmas time. Cooling Bandana



Pressure Activated Cool Pet Pad


I could do with one of these pressure activated cool pet pads as well – they say we are going to get into the high 30s here this Christmas.



Travel Hound Gift Box


Oh, and I would be so happy if I got this ‘cos it would mean Mum is taking me on a little trip soon! So exciting!  Travel Hound Gift Box




Lookout Sherpa Lined Dog Carseat

And how about these guys – aren’t they travelling in style? That car seat would be beyond my wildest dreams.

(To be honest, I personally think those twins might be just a little bit spoilt . . .) Talk about Lap Dogs in the Lap of Luxury!




Not sure if my folks are having turkey this year. Just in case they don’t, any treats you have spare will be welcome.  Something like these turkey dinner seasonal mutt-munchers dog treats would be lovely.




Thank you for helping me let Santa know what I need.

I hope you will tell him that I have been nice and not naughty.

What do you want Santa to bring you?

I hope you all get something you like.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas everyone and see you all in the New Year.


Mother's Day

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Photo Attribution:  No Dogs – By Slomox [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



    January 13, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    I recommend you get a dog! They keep you fit, and understand everything you don’t say.

  • Anonymous

    January 8, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Delightful! You took me into the mind of a dog, a place I’ve never ventured.

  • Diane Dahli

    December 20, 2017 at 1:52 am

    I love this special post for dog lovers everywhere, Maggie. Sparkey seems like a special kind of dog. Hope you (both) have the best Christmas ever!

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