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 Everything for the online senior including Blogs


Are you a carer for a loved one with Dementia? Keep on top of the latest news with

The Dementia Daily 

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Find a doctor or check your symptoms online

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Need help with your computer?

Computer tips and where to find help

Web of Loneliness

Do you ever feel lonely?

Web of Loneliness


Downsizing? Get rid of stuff!!

You can Find Free stuff here too!


resources for seniors

Aging Parents?

a great US resource for finding care providers

A database of all licensed senior housing in the United States. Matches your family’s needs with the right care option provider.

Read about Maddy here – I was almost famous lol!


Get yourself organized with my online friend

Clearissa Coward

virtual assistant

Thinking of volunteering? Find out what you can do HERE

Already involved in a non-profit?  Gail has 12 years experience in managing volunteers and organizing fundraising events. Take a look, she may be able to help you.


Arthritis Anybody? Support for sufferers HERE.


Want to be remembered?

You don’t have to write a blog!


International Longevity Centre

digital technology for the aging community

Technology that cares about you

Lonely Hearts 

OK Maddy at Home is not a dating site but if you are lonely and want to pair up with another Senior here is a link where you might find someone.

And it’s free.

Find out about Pinterest and what it can do for you.


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Give the gift of sight – a small donation makes a huge difference to the lives of many elderly people around the world!

UK SightSavers  – Give the gift of sight (UK, & USA, Italy, Sweden, Norway, India or UAE)

The Foundation Fighting Blindness – Canada

Fred Hollows Foundation – Give the gift of sight (Australia Only)


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