Fisher Paykel DishDrawer

Fisher Paykel DishDrawer

I’ve rarely had a dishwasher at home because I have rented, which means that I’ve moved house many times and most of the places that I moved into not only lacked a dishwasher, they even lacked a space for a dishwasher! No wonder I’ve hankered after this one . . .

Easy as . . .

Now at long last I have my own kitchen (my own meaning designed by moi!) and this has to be the best purchase I have ever made. It is so easy to load and it is not a back-breaking task to pop things in there and tidy up as I go.  And It is so quiet!

Low maintenance

My DishDrawer is three years old now and I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s hard to believe that I lived for so many years without a DishDrawer. No more rubber gloves; no more getting hot and bothered with my hands steeped in hot water and suds; and no more dishes sitting around on the bench-top. I’m luvvin’ it 🙂 !

Space saving, economical and eco friendly

If you are downsizing, I recommend this no hassle good looking dishwasher. There is plenty of room in it for a day’s worth of dishes from two people. I live by myself and only run it every other day.

Just having the one top drawer has saved a lot of space in my kitchen. I keep all my clean plates and dishes in the lower drawer which I purchased separately.
Another great thing about the DishDrawer is that it is Eco friendly. Most of the time I use a 33 minute cycle which I find quite sufficient for day to day plates, glasses and cutlery. From time to time I use a longer cycle for fry-pans and casserole dishes. The push button controls are very user friendly and the Display lets you know exactly what’s going on.


Some of my friends never use their dishwasher because it takes too long to fill it up. (and whilst waiting for it to fill, it stinks . . .) If you have this problem you need to switch to the DishDrawer. Replacing your existing dishwasher with this little baby will be an easy job and it is ideally suited to a small household.

Not only that, it’s the No.1 best selling dishwasher on Amazon so you can buy with confidence.
If you have a greater volume of dirty dishes, two stacked drawers are a great idea because you can begin filling up one drawer while the other is in use. You won’t have to put everything away between cycles. You can’t afford not to have one of these.

Before you decide, lets have a look at how it actually works. My drawer is no-where near as noisy as this earlier model though…

The filter and spray arm are easy to remove for cleaning. I have not had to replace my rotor yet but it does look like a job that can be done without calling out a technician, which is another plus.
Oops, and I nearly forgot, you might want to get some value detergent or tablets and rinse aid with that.

If you are replacing an old dishwasher that is still working, recycle it on Freecycle

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