12 Useful Gifts for a Loved One living with Arthritis


Arthritis GiftsArthritis can be very painful. It’s not always easy to know what would make life easier for a loved one who is living with that pain. Chances are they have already tried everything that they think might ease their discomfort.

We may not be able to take away their pain, but we can choose a gift that will reduce their frustration – with dressing, with eating meals and with getting out and about to do the things they would like to do.  Here are some suggestions that will help them keep that all-important independence.

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1. Shirt or blouse with magnetic fasteners

Arthritis Magnetic shirts

No more struggling with little buttons or having to ask for help. The fasteners on these blouses and shirts simply click together to help the wearer remain independent.

Magnetic Closing Shirt - Womens Magnetic Shirt - Great For Arthritis & Parkinson'sThey come in pink, blue or purple, with long or short sleeves. The lady’s blouse has pockets.

2. Combination shoehorn and Dressing Stick

Combination Dressing Stick and Shoehorn

This tool has many uses. Most importantly, it can reduce the need to bend when putting on and taking off clothes.  It will also increase a person’s reach, for example where they might otherwise be unable to remove an item on a hanger from their wardrobe.

Removing clothing is often just as hard as putting it on. This tool has hooks and curves to help push and pull where necessary.

The dressing stick can be used in whatever way the user finds helpful, so that they can keep their all-important independence.

3. Door Knob Extenders: Pack of 2

Door Knob Extender : Package of 2

Round knobs are much harder to grip than lever type door handles. Where a person has severe arthritis in their hands, they may be quite unable to turn a knob by themselves.

Bear in mind that you will also have to install the extenders or find someone else who can do the job!

4. Tek Pal 6 Button Remote Control for TV

Tek-Pal 6 Button Remote Control

The standard TV remote has a huge array of small buttons. Even if the correct button is known, anyone with arthritis in their hands will find it difficult to press the right button with the required degree of pressure.

This remote simplifies this process. The large buttons are easy to see and touch. And they are either on or off, mute or not, softer or louder. To change the channel you simply need to use the + or – button to flick through and find the right channel.

Easy to set up, and easy to see the lit up buttons when the batteries are installed.


5. Three Aids to make eating easier

   Arthritis cutlery       Arthritis Non Slip Mats

Arthritis Clear Plate Guards

Put together, these three items make a great gift for your loved one if they have difficulty eating.

The cutlery handles help them to get a firm grip, the place mat stops the plate from moving around on the table, and the clear plate guard prevents food from falling off the plate.

With these aids, the person living with arthritis may be more interested in dining out with you and generally socialising at mealtimes.

6. PETA Easi-grip Garden Tools –  Set of 4



The keen gardener often finds that their existing tools no longer for them once arthritis sets in.  This group of tools has been specially adjusted for a firm grip, even when wet.



7. Swedish Cutting Board

Swedish Cutting Board

This board holds food steady so that it can be sliced, chopped and diced
even with only one hand.

It will not slip around on the bench, and can also be used to clamp mixing bowls and other items.



8. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Image result for oxo peeler


This peeler is definitely a winner, having won the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. The handle has been especially designed so that less pressure is needed to peel. For safety it is non-slip even when wet. And it can go in the dish-washer!




9. Dexterity Kit

Arthritis dexterity kit

The Enablers Dexterity Kit includes 3 Key Turners, 3 Pen and Pencil Cushions, 2 Lamp Switch Turners, 2 Spoon and Fork Holders and 1 Button Hook/Zipper Pull.

Add a pack of 2 card holders

Hands Free Card Holders



10. Arthritis Gloves

Image result for arthritis vibrating glovesMore than just gloves! Small vibrating motors embedded in these gloves relieve pain using vibrations together with mild compression.

The gloves need to be charged for 4 hours to get a 20 minute session. Once worn, they can be controlled with an easy to use push button near the brand label. You only have to read the reviews to know that these gloves will relieve pain.

They are available in three sizes.


11. Handy Bar and Swivel Cushion

The handy bar enables the driver or passenger to ease themselves into their car seat, whilst
the swivel cushion helps them turn to face the front..

Arthritis automobility solution


12. Levo G2 Book Holder Stand

Arthritis book stand

Lifelong readers will love you for this.  What must it be like – to no longer be able to hold your book and get comfy with the latest best-seller?  This stand enables the user to read hands-free, whether they are lying in bed, standing in the kitchen or sitting in a chair. It can be adjusted to any height or angle.

Will hold books weighing up to 4lbs. Makes turning pages easy and holds the pages in place. Also suitable for tablets.



Still Undecided?

Choose the gift certificate and let your loved one choose their gift themselves. Available in $25, $50, $75 or $100.

Image result for wright stuff 50 certificate

This post includes affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you buy from one of the links.

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