10 Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom living with Dementia

10 Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom living with Dementia

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Living with Dementia

It can be a challenge to choose a gift for a Mom living with Dementia.

Does she know it’s Mother’s Day? Can she remember her children?  And will she even recognize you?

Maybe she won’t remember who gave her the gift after Mother’s Day. Will it bring her any pleasure at all?

Those questions can’t be answered with any degree of certainty because from day to day a Dementia patient can change.

When all is said and done, it really doesn’t matter.  Mom is living in the moment, and if you do your best to give her some comfort

or a moment of fun, that is the important thing.

A gift for your Mom, about your Mom . .

You know your own mother best.

Who she is, who she was, and what gave her pleasure in the past.

Here are some gift suggestions that will help to occupy her time, jog her long term memory, or help her to remember her family members.

Some of them may take a little extra work to prepare.  They may need you to download or install something on computer.  You may have to look

out old  photos or valued possessions of Mom’s. But it will be well worth it if  it helps her to express herself, to communicate and to get some joy

out of her life.

 Twiddle Cat Activity Muff

1. Twiddle Cat Activity Muff

The next best thing to a real pet, this cat will bring comfort to Mom and keep her hands busy.

I’m sure she will have a name ready for her new friend.

It’s my top pick for the Dementia gifts. Why?

Because I want one myself!

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7'' TFT LCD Screen Desktop Digital Photo Frame with Remote Control White

2. Digital Photo Frame

Set up this frame using your own computer. It can draw Mom’s attention to photos and even videos of friends or family members.

It will help her to remember people and events from the past, which she can likely recall better than what she has done today.

Not only that, Mom can play her favorite MP3 Files and videos in the most common European languages. It can even work as an alarm clock. Stand it up or hang it on the wall.

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 3.  3D Display Frame

If Mom has any small items that carry a particular meaning for her, display them in this 3D frame so that she can easily see them without damaging or losing them.

This could stimulate her long term memory. Having treasured items around her that bring back memories can really help her to express herself and maintain her well-being.

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4. Magnatab Magnetic Tablet

No mess with this magnetic board means that Mom can doodle on it as much as she likes.

It’s easily transportable and there are no loose parts that can get lost, so it may help occupy Mom on a long car journey.

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Mother's Day

5.  Smencils Stencils

Encourage Mom to draw or color in. These pencils each come with a different fragrance to make the activity more sensual and appealing.

If she’s not too good staying within the lines in a coloring book, help her along with these stencils to make coloring fun for her.

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Mother's Day


6. Magic Gourmet Gift Tower

These boxes of surprise goodies will keep Mom busy for a few days! The lovely bright colors and varied flavors and textures, will appeal to all of her senses and brighten her days.

They can be delivered the next day after ordering (to Continental USA only)

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 Redware Tableware Deluxe Dining Set  

7.  Redware Table setting

Help Mom to maintain an interest in her food and to eat independently with this fun tableware. The red color creates high contrast with the food to make it easier to identify.

It can help to increase the food intake of someone living with dementia or Alzheimers.

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8.  Glowbee Sandpicture

Another fascinating visual – this sand picture is mesmerizing.

Mom will love to play with this and create an endless series of pictures.

It may help her to communication because it gives an abstract picture to which she can attach her own meaning, and it’s certainly something to talk about.

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Mother's Day


9. Garden Jig Saw Puzzle

Spend time with Mom doing this jig-saw puzzle which has large pieces and bright colors.

Talk about what gardens, flowers or people, the picture reminds her of.

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Mother's Day


10. 100% Cotton Terry Bathrobe

Bath-time can be a challenge for dementia patients. Make it more appealing with this super absorbent bathrobe that will dry Mom off in no time.

I just love this color, but it also comes in grey, white or cream.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you make a purchase from one of the links.


Mother's Day

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